St James’s dining destination of distinction


Food and drink have long played a pivotal role in reflecting the character of St James’s. The offering continues to evolve with an evident focus towards attracting the world’s most eclectic and high-quality independent restaurateurs, all striving to provide for the needs of residents, professionals, shoppers and visitors alike.

St James’s is popular for the quality of its ensemble of restaurants; from established favourites such as Wiltons and Green’s, to the contemporary Avenue and Sake no Hana on St James’s Street.

St James’s has been a dining destination of merit for over two centuries. Fashionable coffee and chocolate houses came to dominate the area and throughout the 19th century, many of these – including The Cocoa Tree, Boodle’s and White’s – were to set the trend for the establishment of the capital’s most exclusive gentlemen’s clubs. Whether there is a desire to meet, eat or to relax at the end of the day, St James’s is able to perfectly meet each individual’s needs. There are bars and restaurants which boast truly international reputations, and an appealing mix of luxury hotels including The Stafford and The Ritz.